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418 North Main St.
Fort Bragg CA 95437

phone 707.964.9800

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Susan and Jim LarsenThis Fine old building was built as the first hospital and doctors’ office in Fort Bragg in 1895. Throughout nearly
110 years of history it has also served as a maternity hospital, boarding house, pharmacy, florist, business offices, soda fountain, bakery, and an Italian restaurant.
The Larsen family purchased the building
and opened The Restaurant in July, 1973.

Jim The ChefChef/owner Jim Larsen personally cooks virtually every order, and has done so far over 30 years. Susan Larsen oversees the dining room, creates the soups and some desserts, makes the salads, and generally keeps the kitchen flowing. Together with their friendly and gracious staff they have created a warm and inviting atmosphere for a casual meal or for that special occasion. At the Restaurant, nearly everything is made from scratch on the premises. All the sauces, soups, dressings, stocks, desserts and ice creams are made in-house, in small batches using the finest fresh ingredients. Even the dill pickles for the hamburgers and tartar sauce are housemade. All fresh meats are from Roundman’s Smokehouse next door; fresh produce is selected by Jim and Susan several times a week at Harvest Market and from local farmers in season. Fresh seafood is from the Caito Fisheries in Noyo Harbor. The coffee is a special blend from Thanksgiving Coffee and the wine list Features Mendocino County wines.

Sunny Seat

The dining room of The Restaurant is filled with antiques, art objects, Susan’s Folk art doll collection, and over 30 original oil paintings by the local artist, Olaf Palm (1935-2000). This is the largest privately owned and publicly exhibited selection of Palm’s work in the world and represents nearly 40 years of his painting career. We invite you to dine with us and experience our little slice of this beautiful Coast.